What does a holiday in Zambia cost?

Jul 23, 2020

A holiday in the high-season in Zambia, based on 2 adults and 2 children older than 12 years, costs approximately €3120 per person excluding organised safaris, food and beverages.

When travelling with 2 adults, the cost will be approximately €4585 per person excluding organised safaris, food and beverages.

Although that is a lot of money, you can not compare a holiday in Zambia with any vacation in Italy or France. This is an experience on its own. In this article all costs related to your trip is explained, based on the 19-day trip you can find on our website.

Travel fare

The travel fare we charge you is the total amount of car rental, Collision Damage Waiver, campsites, satellite phone, 4×4 driving instruction and bookings costs. All these items are booked and with the exception of a single campsite all prepaid. The car rental fee is by far the lion’s share of the total amount. That explains the price difference between 2 and 4 persons.

  • For 4 persons, of which 2 drivers and all older than 12 years old, the travel fare is €1657 per person.
  • For 2 persons, of which 1 driver, the travel fare is €3007 per person.

Airline ticket

The airline ticket costs depend on many factors. Based on our experience the economy airfare from most cities in Europe to Livingstone and back from Lusaka is €1100 per person.


When you arrive in Zambia, you will have to purchase a visa. A single entry visa for everyone older than 12 years old costs €45.


You will travel greater distances In Zambia than for example in Botswana. Our 19 day trip covers about 3250km with a vehicle that does 8km per liter. The diesel price is approximately €0,80 per liter. The total fuel costs are therefore approximately €300.

Park entry fees

To gain access to the National Parks, you are charged a daily entry fees per person and per vehicle at the park. The most actual prices can be found here

  • Adults: €18-27 per day (depending on the park)
  • Children 5-12yr: €9-14 per day (depending on the park)
  • Children up to 5 years old: free
  • Vehicle: €13,5 per day

Our example journey consists of 10 days in which you travel through or reside in a National Park.

  • For 2 adults and 2 children older than 12 years the park fees add up to €981 or €245 per person.
  • For 2 adults, the park fees add up to €558 or €279 per person.

Organised safaris

The best thing about a selfdrive safari, is that apart from park fees, you do not have to pay for any additional costs to look for the big five.

To enjoy a guided safari in an open safari vehicle, the fees incurred are approximately €45 per person. Children up to 12 years old pay half price, so €22,50 per child. These costs are usually excluding park entry fees.

Food and beverages

The costs for food and beverages are depending on your own wishes. The rental vehicle is equipped with everything to prepare your own food. Two gas bottles with cooker burners, bbq, pots and pans are all included in the rental. So nothing prevents you to prepare your own food. Just for purposes of ease, consider the same costs as in your home country.

Eating out in a restaurant is comparable to prices in your home country.


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