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About Khokelo Safaris

The story of our passion for Africa

We are Eric and Justyna. Together with our 11 year old son we return to Botswana and Zambia every year to enjoy the hospitality and mesmerising nature. Not as part of an organised group trip, but in our own 4×4 vehicle with a rooftop tent.

Every time we experience a unique sense of freedom and adventure. To share this feeling with first time travellers and because we know what it takes to have a care-free travel experience, we created our bespoke travel agency Khokelo Safaris.

Khokelo Safaris is your personal guide in Africa. Our mission is to create unique experiences, safely and responsibly.

What does ‘Khokelo’ mean?

Khokelo means “guide” in the Xhosa language – one of the many languages spoken in southern Africa and characterised by its clicking sounds

The finest example of an African bush guide is without a doubt the matriarch of a herd of elephants leading and escorting her herd to the next watering hole. As we will guide you in your travels through Botswana and Zambia, we have chosen to have the elephant represented in our logo

Our story

Where the adventure began

It is the last day of our holiday in Zambia. We have come to the end of a beautiful and warm day. We just had dinner on the banks of the Luangwa River and while Eric is clearing the table, Justyna washes the plates a bit further down. Eric looks up and sees the silhouettes of three elephants in the twilight. They majestically move along the edge of the camp, feasting on branches and plants. Justyna and our son also spot them, practically at the same time.

Almost literally, we drop everything and the three of us admire these mighty animals. At least an hour passes. We see and smell them and they surely smell us too. Yet, we are all here and there is no threat or fear. Only respect and acceptance of each other’s presence. The feeling of euphoria and bliss is indescribable.

The next day, we drive back to Lusaka with tears in our eyes. We don’t want to leave. Even before leaving, we know we’ll be back.

In the years that followed, many thoughts came to mind. We would like to share our experiences and passion for these special countries with others. But how can we offer a comparable experience and remain unique in what we offer?

We could eliminate the questions and the fears we had as first-time travellers. How do you arrange a suitable vehicle? What if you break down? What about camping? Is such a long journey safe for children? How do you organise all this and what if… Many legitimate questions that we can answer through years of experience.

The idea of our bespoke travel agency was born!

But first we had to gain more experience…

That’s why Eric completed a month of field guiding training in the Okavango Delta and we selected the best 4×4 training courses. As the ultimate preparation for our organisation, we travelled around for 4 months, made important contacts and visited campsites. We personally know all the campsites and routes that we offer and have experienced them first hand.

Our safaris

Unforgettable wildlife experiences


Journey through the wilderness of Botswana in your own 4x4 vehicle. Discover the mesmerising nature and a wide variety of wildlife. Botswana is a must-visit for any nature lover.

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For an authentic experience, travel to Zambia. Drive across the country through the habitat of a variety of wildlife in your own 4x4. Escape from the stress and strain of everyday life, slow down, enjoy the nature and take a shower under the stars!

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