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Have you ever dreamed of an authentic tour through the beautiful landscapes of Africa while driving your own 4×4 vehicle? Through the habitat of a variety of wild animals? Your own private safari in Botswana?

With a little help of our expertise you can make your wildest dreams come true!

While preparing for a trip through Botswana with your own vehicle, you will be faced with many challenges and important issues. Is a self-drive safari safe? What if I want to travel alone or with young children? What if my vehicle breaks down? Where can I spend the night? Khokelo Safaris will take away all your worries. We will design your dream safari with you, we will take care of the perfect preparation for a safe and responsible trip. 

To get inspired, we have compiled 3 wonderful journeys; 17-day roundtrip Must See in Botswana, 22-day roundtrip Botswana Complete and the 18-day roundtrip Botswana & Caprivi Namibië. Click on below button and you will receive the elaborate route description in your mailbox within minutes. 

How it works

This is how we design your dream trip

We will design your perfect holiday in Botswana with you (and your family/fellow travellers). We will take care of all the planning to make your tour an unforgettable but safe and authentic experience.

We take care of the following for you:

We plan the route
We book transport and campsites
We book 4×4 training
We provide a satellite telephone with telephone numbers
We provide an up-to-date navigation system
We provide you with all information, knowledge and experience in a preparatory meeting at your home or at a location nearby, or if that isn’t a possibility, over a video call


Discover our offering

Extensive offer:

✓ Route planning
✓ 4×4 training in the Netherlands or Botswana
✓ 4×4 vehicle in Botswana
✓ Booking of camp sites
✓ Satellite phone
✓ Local telephone numbers
✓ Local help standby in case of vehicle problems
✓ Practical information

Premium offer

✓ Everything from the extensive offer
✓ 1-on-1 travel guidance of an (in a second vehicle) accompanying guide

About Botswana

Adventuring responsibly

Exploring safely

Botswana has a very stable economy, thanks to its diamond mines and tourism. It also has strong anti-poaching legislation. These facts make it a prime country for travellers looking to experience the beauty of Africa safely and responsibly.


Adventuring through nature

Botswana has many faces. Each more beautiful than the other. The absolute highlights include the Okavango Delta with its unique habitat, the endless plains of the Makgadikgadi salt pans, the Kalahari desert and Chobe National Park.


Botswana wildlife

Get to know the great diversity of wildlife that Botswana has to offer. Not just the Big Five (elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard), but also many other rare mammals and almost 600 different species of birds.

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Ready for the adventure?

Would you like to design your dream holiday in Botswana with Khokelo Safaris? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities and costs.


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