Botswana and Zambia, which vacation type suits you best?

Aug 22, 2020

You decided to go on vacation to Botswana or Zambia, or you orientate yourself on the type of vacation. This article explains the different methods of travelling in Botswana and Zambia.


Type of holidays

If you want to travel to Botswana or Zambia, you can often choose between 5 types of holidays:

  • Group trip
  • Self-drive camping
  • Guided self-drive camping
  • Self-drive lodges
  • Fly-in Safari

Group trip

With a group of about 15-20 people you sit in a safari bus and travel from location to location. The trip and locations are booked in advance and there is a fixed schedule. So you know exactly where you are going to the next day. The food is provided for and of course there are drivers. If you feel like doing something out of the fixed itinerary, it might be difficult. You often only meet your travel group in the country itself, which can be both positive and negative. At the campsites you sleep in a ground tent on a sleeping pad which you set up and take down yourself.

Due to the size of the bus you are often limited to the somewhat passable roads. You will not really go off-road.


Self-drive camping

You drive with your family / friends in a rented 4×4 vehicle with a rooftop tent from location to location. Especially in Botswana, the trip and location are pre-booked, so there is a fixed schedule. In Zambia you have more flexibility and you can even travel without prior arrangements. You take care of your food and drinks, purchase it and prepare it yourself. If you don’t feel like getting up early, no problem. You decide in which pace you want to travel. Extra stop  on the way, no problem either. You sleep in a rooftop tent with a reasonably comfortable mattress. The tent you unfold every evening and fold up again in the morning. If you want you can go off-road.


Guided self drive camping

Selfdrive, but with a private guide. The guide who drives a second vehicle near you is there for you alone. He or she discusses the day and drives in your vicinity, helps you set up the tent and can even prepare the food for you. Often at just the cost of the food. Above all, the guide is there to help you with any problems with the car (e.g. stuck, flat tire). Everything to make your trip as carefree as possible. The ultimate combination of freedom, flexibility, unburdening and comfort.


Self-drive lodges

If camping does not suit you, you can sill choose to drive yourself, but sleep in lodges. You are a bit more limited in the choice of locations, but on the other hand there is the abundant luxury in the lodge. Your trip and lodges are pre-booked, but within that itinerary you have complete freedom to do what you want. Traveling without prior arrangement is not possible, as lodges are often fully booked in high season. In addition, where you are able to camp in the wild with a rooftop tent, without one that is not possible. For meals you depend on what the lodge offers. Often meals are included in the price.


Fly-in Safari

The most luxurious way to travel in Botswana and Zambia. You fly with a small propeller plane to the heart of the park, from where they take you to the lodge. You sleep on excellent beds with excellent sanitary facilities and are cared for down to the last detail. Everything is included and you decide how often you want to go on safaritrips. However, all this luxury comes with a hefty price tag. In high season prices of € 500- € 1500 per person per night are no exception. Incidentally, with this form of travel you will hardly see the real Africa or meet the local people.



In the table below you will find all the characteristics of the different travel types in one handy overview.

types of travel in Botswana and Zambia

Khokelo Safaris specialises in self-driving in Botswana and Zambia with a focus on the non-guided as the guided variant. If you want to know more about these or other variants, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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