What is the best travel time for a holiday in Botswana?

Jul 10, 2020

Are you considering a holiday in Botswana and are wondering what is the best travel time for Botswana? We are happy to assist you. In this article, we will share information about the weather in Botswana, the best time to spot wildlife and other things to consider.

Weather in Botswana

Whether you go on a sun holiday, ski holiday or safari: first of all, you want nice weather on holiday. Not too hot, but certainly not too cold.

Botswana has a subtropical climate and has three seasons:

  1. April to August: it is mostly dry, with an average temperature of 28 °C. The nights are chilly, sometimes downright cold with freezing temperatures where the days are nicely warm.
  2. September to November: the temperature rises. Average temperatures well around 35 °C are the rule rather than the exception. This season is therefore also called the warm season.
  3. December to March: the temperature drops again to around 30 °C on average. This is also known as the wet season because on average there is more rain in comparison to the rest of the year.

So from April to mid-September you can expect the best weather in Botswana.

gemiddelde temperatuur per maand

Best travel period to spot animals

You probably won’t go to Botswana to lie by the pool. Of course you want to spot wildlife!


Wildlife can be found all year round. But the best time to spot wildlife is the warm season (from September to November). Because it has been dry for months, trees and shrubs wither, causing animals to hide less well. There is also less rain, which means that the water sources dry up and become scarce. You will easily be able to spot animals around the remaining water sources. You do have to get up earlier, because many animals quickly look for shade as it gets warmer.

If you mainly want to see young animals, the wet season is the best time to travel. The food is abundant and that creates a real birth wave.


Are you going to Botswana to spot birds? Then the wet season (from December to April) is more suitable. The persistent rain makes trees and plants bloom and the number of insects increases. And that attracts birds!

vogels in botswana

Other things to consider

Besides the weather and the animals that you will find at different times of the year, there are other things that determine the best travel time for Botswana.

Some points to take into account in your decision:

  • From April there is a large supply of water from Angola. This causes the Okavango Delta to flood far beyond Maun in extreme years.
  • In the summer months (June to August) it is busier in the parks than in other periods. After all, western tourists (with children) have summer holidays. Fortunately, due to the specific nature and access policy in Botswana, it is never as busy as it can be in Tanzania or Kenya.
  • National elections and public holidays can sometimes lead to reduced public transport and closings of shops and petrol stations. In the travel offers from Khokelo Safaris we travel with our own transport, so fortunately we do not suffer much from that.
  • Due to the specific conservation policy of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP), early booking is an absolute must. We therefore recommend that you book the campsites and vehicle 1 year before the trip to avoid disappointments.
  • If you’re traveling in the wet season, travel with a minimum of 2 vehicles so you can help each other out if you get stuck in the mud. The Khokelo Safaris premium offer is an excellent alternative to a second car.

Best travel time for Botswana

The best travel period for a holiday to Botswana is from April to August. The temperature is pleasant and there is little rain. Are you a real bird watcher and not afraid of getting wet? Then your best option is to travel in the wet season (November to March) when the birds show themselves in large numbers again.

Do you want to experience an adventurous safari in Botswana? Download our free sample round trip tour Botswana and request our catalog. We are happy to tell you more about Botswana!



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